Looking for a Lab with specific software?

Please visit the Public Labs map at

  1. Expand the software category by clicking on the appropriate plus sign next to software type  (see right of page).
  2. Click in the checkbox by the the software title. Only those labs that have that software will display on the map.
  3. Click on the point to see a list of software titles in the detail page for a specific location.

Note:  you can also search on specific hardware by using the “search this map” located in the top right corner of the map web page.

Request specialized software for a Lab

Class software can be pre-loaded on CIT Lab machines by request (Faculty, academic staff supporting a course and academic related activities only).  Software that is not part of our Standard Software Bundle will be at the expense of the department.

We will make every effort to accommodate each request, and ask that you allow two weeks advance notice.  Please use the form to request specialized software at:

Interested in purchasing software?

CU Software serves the Cornell community by providing volume and site licensing for many commercial software products. The goal is to provide software pricing at a significant discount compared to vendors’ regular academic pricing, and to distribute software to subscribers as easily and conveniently as possible.  See CU Software