Request a Lab

Faculty, academic staff supporting a course and people scheduling for other academic related activities may reserve an instructional lab. Please reserve a lab at least one week in advance of your scheduling time to allow a resource to be scheduled for your class.

Check the availability of your desired lab

Simply navigate to Lab Locations and click “Class Schedule”.



A lab staff member will work with the contact person listed on the request to confirm the reservation dates and times, and to identify any special needs.  Note:  Please cancel a reservation prior to the scheduled lab session at:

When applicable, confirm that all lab users have a Cornell ID or request assistance from lab staff.

Some of the computer labs require a Cornell ID to log into a machine.   You will be asked whether all of your intended users have a Cornell ID.   If not, please indicate that on the form.   A lab staff member will work with you to provide access.

When applicable, request specialized software for a lab

Class software can be pre-loaded on CIT Lab machines by request. We will make every effort to accommodate each request, and ask that you allow two weeks advance notice.  Please use this form to request specialized software.

Lab and Software Reservation Request Form

(or purpose of session)

Class software can be pre-loaded on CIT Lab machines by request. Software that is not part of our standard software bundle ( will be at the expense of the department.
Please provide additional information as needed.