Printing in CIT labs is available via Net-Print, a service offered by Cornell Information Technologies. It is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to print.

How to obtain a Net-Print Account

To use Net-Print, you’ll need your Cornell NetID, your password, and a Net-Print account.

You can have one or more Net-Print accounts. There are four types of accounts:

  • Bursar – available to registered students
  • Cash – available to anyone with a Cornell NetID (requires online use of a credit card)
  • Course – for students in courses that provide printing allocations
  • Departmental – for use by staff and faculty in a particular department or unit

For more information and to set up an account, go to:

Printing from a CIT lab computer

  1. If you are printing from a lab computer, the Net-Print Software is already installed. Choose the Print command in your application and then select a Net-Print printer.
  2. You’ll see the following dialog box
    • Enter your NetID and password
    • Confirm that CIT.CORNELL.EDU is selected in the Realm box
    • Click OK

  3. When you are finished printing, locate the Kerberos window and close it.If you don’t destroy the ticket, the next person to use the computer can print using your account.

Printing from your own computer

Click here for CIT’s instructions on installing Net-Print software on your own Windows or Mac machine.

For more complete information on Net-Print, visit CIT’s Net-Print page.